Emily Benitez ● August 01, 2023

Today, we're kicking back and hanging out with the CEO of YIELD, Dean Anderson. Wondering why YIELD? Oh, they've got those oh-so-yummy on-the-go gummies that'll leave your mind and body smiling! And here's the chill part - YIELD's gummies are packed with all-natural ingredients, including some cool nootropics. Get cozy as Dean spills the tea on his desert island gummy pick!


DEAN: We offer up the best-tasting supplements on the market in on-the-go the product; gummies! Not only are our supplements highly functional, they are delicious. You will never forget to take your supplements again!


What made you want to get into the supplement game?

DEAN: As a team, we have all founded previous companies or worked in start-up environments. We have experienced first-hand the realities and struggles of pursuing success. As a result, we often turned to supplementation to get us through our days but got sick of boring, low-functioning supplements that you forget to take and decided it was time to shake up the space and launch a brand that provides delicious and highly functional products, and a community first approach.

What makes YIELD different from its competitors?

DEAN: The combination of taste and efficacy.


What’s the biggest challenge you've faced with YIELD?

DEAN: Educating consumers on the benefits of innovative products. Many of the ingredients we use are new to consumers, so we’ve had to ensure we are commuting effectively.

How did you choose the active ingredients in YIELD?

DEAN: We very we worked closely with leaders in the food and health sectors to search out and test active ingredients in different combinations until we were confident the range could be used as a powerful 360° supplement stack. Once we had the active ingredients sorted, we then moved on to the other side of what makes our gummies unique - flavour. Developing the flavour profile was a real challenge. We use active ingredients like CBD and reishi mushroom, which have an earthy flavour profile to overcome to make each gummy as delicious as the last. We’re incredibly proud of where we landed - each product truly is delicious, and we even managed to develop a CBD gummy with zero CBD aftertaste!

If you were stuck on a desert island - what pack of YIELD gummies would you take and why?

DEAN: Hmmm, that’s a tough one! I think if I were stuck on a desert island, I’d be incredibly stressed, so I’d say CBD. If I could control my stress levels and get a decent sleep in the evenings, I’d like to think I would then have the best chance of working out a way off that island!

What’s so special about YIELD / Your Ingredients?

DEAN: We are the first gummy brand in the UK to use functional mushrooms in our recipes. And that's a real feat, given the challenges around developing the flavour profiles!

If you could add one more gummy to the YIELD range, what would it be?

DEAN: You will just have to watch this space! 👀 exciting things are coming!

What’s your biggest wellness tip/hack?

DEAN: Wellness doesn’t have to be about popping pills and capsules and doing yoga. You can still have fun and enjoy yourself. Find the things in life that make you happy, and build them into your routine. Life is about balance - we don’t have to be saints 100% of the time.

As an entrepreneur, things can get stressful. Do you have a self care routine to look after your mental health?

DEAN: I work in blocks. I don’t stick to a 9-5 work day. I plan my whole day, including working out, resting, seeing friends etc. I plan the day as a whole rather than just my work to-do list. As I mentioned above, life is about balance, and it's important to build in the things that make you happy.

Describe YIELD in three words.

DEAN: Delicious. Powerful. Convenient.



How do you Chill?

DEAN: In one word. Nature. If I’m in London, I try to get out for park walks with my dog as much as possible. If I’m anywhere else, you’ll find me on the beach in my chill time!

It's been a chill time hanging out and meeting Dean Anderson, the mastermind behind those delicious gummies from YIELD! They've got all-natural ingredients and even some cool nootropics in the mix – perfect for keeping your mind and body smiling. Don't miss out on this laid-back brand! Head over to CHILL.com and dive into their delicious, powerful, and super convenient supplements. Trust us, once you try YIELD, you'll never forget to take your supplements again.