Emily Benitez ● August 01, 2023

 Imagine a collision of medical genius and beauty & lifestyle influencer brilliance. That's what happens when Dr. Dmitry, armed with his extensive medical expertise, joins forces with the fabulous Kate, a trendsetter in the realms of beauty and lifestyle. Together, they've birthed a line of consciously formulated products that transcend the boundaries of ordinary wellness.

Quanna isn't just about enhancing sexual wellness; it's a gateway to an elevated existence, infusing your everyday life with a delightful dose of bliss. But what truly sets Quanna apart from the rest? Join us in the front row as we engage in a captivating conversation with the masterminds, unraveling the essence of what makes Quanna truly extraordinary.

Can you share the story behind how Quanna was founded and how the pandemic influenced its creation?

DMITRY: Founded by long time friends Dr. Dmitry Loktionov and Kate Tikhomirova, Quanna was a pandemic baby born out of plenty of London lockdown conversations concerning one of the most prevalent quarantine losses — intimacy. 

Trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Dmitry has made it his vocation to help women better their health by honoring their voice first and foremost and bridging the gap that is so prevalent in sexual education. Quanna’s other fabulous founder, Kate has established herself as a beauty & lifestyle influencer over the last 6 years. She discovered the power of CBD after her mum was sick with advanced cancer as well as its many beneficial effects in her own struggles with anxiety and insomnia. 

Dmitry’s medical background led the formulation, while Kate’s branding and marketing experience helped shape the face of the product. “The result of our joined forces being this platform, where science and medicine get the chance to be candid.”

Why did Quanna choose to focus on developing consciously formulated products for sexual wellness?

DMITRY: Our mission is to reimagine sex & sensation for women without shame or stigma. 

1 in 10 women experience painful sex and more than 50% of women in the UK are not satisfied with their sex lives. And what do they get in return? Intimate-care that has neglected female pleasure in both intention and design as well a market filled with subpar products with ingredients that contradict the meaning of “intimate”. It’s this fact that has spearheaded us to formulate a product line that cares with clean ingredients and is backed by gynaecologists.

What led to the decision to combine CBD with lubricants, and what does CBD bring to intimate moments?

DMITRY: CBD is not just a buzzword, it has amazing medicinal applications from sleep and stress control to inflammation and hormone balance. Generally CBD is known for calming effects which we believe is an important mindstate during intimate moments. When applied to the skin, CBD has shown to have a vasodilatory effect (increasing blood flow) hence increasing sensitivity while also modulating pain stimuluses.


What advice or message would you give to individuals who may feel hesitant or uncomfortable discussing their sexual wellness needs?

DMITRY: Open and honest communication about sexual wellness is important because it helps establish consent, address concerns or risks, and reduce stigma. It allows individuals to understand each other's desires and boundaries, seek help when needed, and make informed decisions about their sexual health. Ultimately, it promotes healthier and more satisfying relationships.

If Quanna had a theme song, what would it be? 

DMITRY: Miley Cyrus - Flowers


Qurious Club - we’re intrigued, tell us more!

DMITRY: We believe sexual wellness is not just about sex. It should be viewed in a much more holistic approach, from head to toes if you wish. So Qurious Club is a sexual wellness educational hub promoting expert backed content and an open dialogue between our community and panel of experts. We bring together the opinions of many experts such as psychosexual relationship therapists to physiotherapies and menopause nurses to provide the most sound content.

How do you foster a safe and inclusive environment for discussions about sensitive topics on Qurious Club?

DMITRY: We have a private facebook community group for women only and it also has strict entry requirements. We have strict policies for content posting on the group.

What’s a myth you're tired of debunking?

DMITRY: Myth: I only need lube when I am older and if I need it when I am younger, it means something is wrong.

Truth: It's normal to feel a little dry sometimes, it's part of the normal hormonal cycle. It is not shameful to use lube, it should be a normal practice. 


Describe Quanna in a Hashtag! 

DMITRY: #FindYourOomf 

At Chill we are all about reducing stress and finding balance. How do YOU Chill?

DMITRY: Treating ourselves to self care activities and spending time with loved ones. 

Quanna transcends the boundaries of ordinary wellness, offering more than just enhanced sexual wellness. It opens a gateway to an elevated existence, infusing your daily life with a delightful dose of sensual bliss that will leave you in awe.

Now, it's time for you to experience the transformative power of Quanna firsthand. Embrace a life enriched by their remarkable creations and let Quanna be your guide, available here at CHILL.COM