Emily Benitez ● October 04, 2023

Meet the founder of MYOTA, where science meets gut health in the quest for a healthier, happier life. Thomas, a l biologist and gut microbiome scientist, has spent his career delving into the mysteries of our inner ecosystems. For Thomas and the MYOTA team, the most rewarding part of this adventure is the positive impact they've had on countless lives, reinforcing the power of science to make a real difference in our well-being.

Thomas: I am a computational biologist and gut microbiome scientist by training, which means I have spent a great deal of time studying poo in the lab, with some maths, and on my computer. My academic research background focuses on how dietary fibre is broken down by the bacteria in our guts. I started studying science because I saw it as a way to have a positive impact on society, and got into the microbiome field because there was so much to learn there and I saw a clear opportunity to work on research that had a direct impact on patients.


Can you share the story behind MYOTA and what inspired the company's focus on gut health?

Thomas: When I was a postdoc at MIT under Prof. Eric Alm, we were conducting experiments and clinical studies to better understand how dietary fibre impacts the gut microbiome. It was at this point that I came across some data in the lab which were game-changing, as far as I was concerned: different individuals (each of whom have unique microbiomes) can be radically different in their ability to break down the same dietary fibres. This explained many things, including why individual fibre supplements weren’t more effective in clinical trials. Since we already knew that the microbiome breaking down fibre is a fundamental process in maintaining human health and preventing chronic disease, this opened a door to a world of opportunity, where we could build fibre-based interventions that took these differences into account. Since then, I haven’t turned back, and have focused all of my time on translating these findings into accessible and scientifically sound fibre-based food products designed to prevent chronic disease.


Can you elaborate on the technology that MYOTA uses to take gut microbiome variability into account? How does it set your fiber blends apart from generic supplements?


Thomas: We have built an end-to-end laboratory pipeline for querying a live microbiome sample for its ability to break down a panel of different fibres. Deploying this to many different microbiome samples has allowed us to gain a quantitative understanding of the differences between individuals, and build fibre blends that work for everybody.

If you could describe the essence of MYOTA in 3 words what would they be?

Thomas: Ambitious, compassionate, and fun!


Can you share a fun fact or trivia about gut health or the gut microbiome that might surprise our readers?

Thomas: If you don’t eat enough dietary fibre, the bacteria in your gut start to starve, so they turn to your gut lining for food, which ultimately can lead to inflammation and even what some call ‘leaky gut’. Make sure you feed your friendly fibre-eating gut bacteria, or they will feed on you!

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey with MYOTA so far?

Thomas: By far the most rewarding aspect has been to receive feedback from customers and patients, both directly and from their physicians, telling us how life-changing the effects of taking myota have been for them. That’s why we started this company, to leverage microbiome science towards making an impact on human health and well-being, so it’s tremendously gratifying to hear that science actually works!

As we wrap up our enlightening conversation with Thomas, we're reminded that MYOTA isn't just a company; it's an ambitious, compassionate, and fun-filled journey to transform lives. Their patented technology, honed through rigorous research, sets them apart in the world of gut health. And remember, even your friendly gut bacteria need their fair share of fiber to thrive, so don't let them dine on your gut lining!