Andraya Farrag ● July 10, 2023

Meet Ian Millar, founder of MindPanda, who turned his personal battle with stress into a mission. Through years of mindfulness meditation study, he discovered a unique approach that sets MindPanda apart. Prioritising physical products over technology, MindPanda helps you build sustainable mindfulness habits, free from smartphone distractions (yep that's right!)

We sat down with Ian to learn more about his transformative journey to revolutionise mindfulness and mental wellbeing. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting MindPanda and how it aligns with your personal values and goals?

Ian: In my young teens and early 20's, I struggled a lot with anxiety. In my mid 20's, I began practicing mindfulness and meditation which had profound effects on my mental wellbeing. However, I worked in a stressful work environment and felt myself going back to old mental habits throughout the day. 

This led me to wanting to create something I could take with me on-the-go that would remind me during working hours, to keep practicing mindfulness throughout the day. 

This led to the creation of our first product, our mindfulness stress balls. 

As the brand has progressed, our mission is to keep creating products that help our customers practice better mental habits, for a healthier mind and body. Without the need of technology or an internet connection. 

Why is it important to practice mindfulness?

Ian: Mindfulness is important to me, not only because of the profound effects it had on my own journey through life, but for the impact I believe it can have on our planet as a whole. 

When people are more mindful, they are more conscious of how they treat other people, they strive to be the best version of themselves and in-turn contribute more to their communities. Lastly they become more aware of their actions and make more conscious decisions to preserve our planet. 

What unique aspects of MindPanda differentiate it from other wellness companies in the market? How do you envisage MindPanda making a positive impact on mental well-being? 

Ian: Mental health issues are on the rise, and one of the biggest contributors to the decline in mental health is mobile devices, leading us to becoming less and less connected with the people around us. 

Mobile apps focusing on mental health are great, but here at MindPanda, we believe we can create products that help you relieve stress, practice better mental habits, help you communicate more with your friends and family…without the use of mobile devices.

As a founder, what challenges did you face during the early stages of MindPanda, and how did you overcome them?

Ian: The biggest challenge I faced in the beginning was to get our message across. In the age of technology, it was difficult to relay the importance of practicing better mental habits with some downtime from the technology that contributes to the problem. 


MindPanda emphasises the use of physical products rather than technology. Why do you feel this approach is more effective than the many apps out there? 

Ian: Technology has its place, but it's productive to practice a 10 minute guided meditation on a mobile app, then close the app and spend 20 minutes scrolling through social media.

We believe that we need to put our phones on silent and out of sight for that short period of time when practicing meditation, mindfulness, journaling, or trying to connect more with our friends and family. 


What are some of the long-term goals and aspirations you have for MindPanda? 

Ian: Our vision  is to help people of all ages to enjoy better mental health and emotional wellbeing, without the use of technology. 

Over the next few years, we are committed to expanding our product range with more unique and educational products. We will be exploring products in the range of family board games, journals, planners, sleep aids and more. 

As champions of mindfulness, MindPanda has witnessed numerous success stories from individuals who have benefited from their programs and products. Testimonials from satisfied customers are a testament to the positive impact MindPanda has had on their mental wellbeing and sense of peace. 

MindPanda's journey to revolutionise mindfulness and mental well-being continues, guided by their commitment to providing effective, technology-free solutions that promote a healthier and more mindful world.

Are you ready to stop put down your phone and pick up a MindPanda? You can now find MindPanda on - check out their brand page here