Emily Benitez ● October 04, 2023

Introducing Immy from Punchy Drinks! Here at Chill, we're all about banishing stress and discovering that perfect life balance. And you know what our magic formula is? It's a conversation as lively and refreshing as a sip of Punchy itself! So, let's kick back, take a sip, and delve into their mission for carbon neutrality. And, believe it or not, we'll also uncover the captivating spirit animals that bring their flavors to life.

We love the name Punchy! What’s the story behind it?

Immy:The punchy story started in 2018 by two school friends, Paddy and Charlie - who have a simple mission, giving adults a better option when it comes to soft drinks.

We see soft drinks in a different light. It’s a matter of taste - and good taste means we don’t cut corners. Our premium, low calorie soft drinks are mixed with all-natural ingredients, feel good flavours and 50% of your daily vitamin D, to help you catch the sun all year round.

A proud B Corp, we donate 1% of our sales and stock to the charity, FareShare, each year and are now officially a carbon neutral company.

The sun never sets on our all-natural ingredients, carefully sourced with provenance and brought together into unique, vibrant flavours. Our soft drinks are made for sun-drenched moments, shared with the people you love.

If you had to give each punchy flavour a persona, what would they be?

Immy: Each of our flavours have their own identity and moment.

Blood orange, bitters & cardamom is Golden Hour; a drink born of sun-soaked walks, roads less travelled & a thirst for adventure.

Cucumber, yuzu & rosemary is First Dip; a drink born of sun-kissed days, leisurely lounging & that refreshing first dip of the day.

Peach, ginger & chai is Holiday Romance; a punch born of furtive glances, fleeting romance & skinny dips to remember.

Congrats on being fully carbon neutral! What was your journey like in achieving this?!

Immy: From sourcing our ingredients and manufacturing our aluminum cans, to delivering punchy to your ice-filled glass, we’ve counted all of the carbon emissions we release into the atmosphere and together with Climate Partner, we’re investing in offsetting projects that save carbon throughout the world. There’s a long way to go, but as a proud B Corp, we’re committed to being better and holding ourselves accountable.

Part of the process involves offsetting a whopping 287,000kg of CO2 through supporting a wind energy project in South Africa. Harnessing the region's wind energy potential to balance its energy needs in a sustainable way - which would otherwise have been generated by fossil fuels.

If punchy had a theme tune, what would it be?

Immy:  Ooh, that’s a hard one. If we had to choose it by flavour, peach would be Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac, blood orange would be SpottieOttieDopaliscious - Outkast and cucumber would be Pure Shores - All Saints.

How would you describe punchy in a string of emojis and a hashtag?

Immy: #LiquidSunshine 🌞🌴🌍

What all-natural ingredients can we find in your drinks?

Immy: Our all-natural ingredients are proudly sourced with provenance. You can find Italian blood oranges and peaches, Spanish yuzu and rosemary, Sri Lankan ginger, Guatemalan cardamom and German cucumber… to name a few!

How many calories can we find in each drink?

Immy:  All of our drinks are low calorie.

A little birdie told us that each flavour has their own spirit animal - what are they and why?

Immy: Now that would be telling…Head over to our punchy quiz here and let us know which flavour you think is what (it only takes a minute, we promise!)


Tell us more about the beautiful illustrations on your packaging and what they were inspired by?

Immy: Our illustrations are inspired by retro, 70s california. The windows each have their own identity and are designed to reflect escapism, hence our tagline “drinks that take you places”.
We love the idea of drinking a can of punchy on a rainy day to brighten your mood and take you to the sunshine.

At Chill, we are all about reducing stress and finding balance. How do YOU Chill?

Immy: At punchy, we’re all for taking a moment out of the day to take a breather. Whether that’s starting the day with a cold-water swim at Hampstead Heath, going for a lunchtime walk in the sunshine or a game of tennis at the end of the day. Oh and cracking open an ice-cold punchy can help too…

We hope you enjoyed this chat with Immy from Punchy Drinks. From their journey to carbon neutrality to the unique personas of each flavor, it's clear that Punchy is all about spreading positivity, flavor, and a touch of retro California sunshine. So, the next time you crack open a can of Punchy, remember, it's not just a drink; it's an escape to brighter days and vibrant flavors. Keep chillin' and sippin' that #LiquidSunshine! 🌞🌴🌍