Andraya Farrag ● January 18, 2023

A New Way to Chill

Chill’s mission is to encourage relaxation through self-care and that same ethos is echoed by Zoetic, our sister brand and a proud new addition to 

Zo-etic adj.
Of or pertaining to life.

Zoetic’s story began in the organic hemp fields of Colorado. It was from this wellspring of life that we started to create products that combine CBD (cannabidiol) with other natural ingredients like lemongrass, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

Sometimes even CBD products can be fast-paced, but the Zoetic range is designed to help you take a moment for yourself. We’ve handcrafted an array of gentle cosmetics that have been formulated to soothe your skin, reduce the effects of aging, and maintain a sense of balance in our hectic modern lives.  

As much as we try to create products that support healthier and happier living, Zoetic also has a wider purpose. We understand that it’s important not only to look after our own well-being but also the environment we live in. It’s for this reason that all of our products are responsibly sourced, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.

Zoetic is intended to be a trusted companion, whether you’re trying one of our delicious Sicilian blood orange CBD oils or enhancing your skin routine with our multi-vitamin moisturiser. We’re proud to join and hope you’ll join us as we put a new, sustainable twist on luxury. 

CBD tinctures are now available on, with exciting new products and Zoetic’s award-winning cosmetics joining in Spring 2023.